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The Website is designed following the program of the course. Weekly Theoretical Seminars will take place on Friday-mornings between 10 and 12 hours and from 01/04 onwards from 11 till 13 hours. Practical Workgroups from 13 till 15 hours (with a chance of extension if necessary). Seminars and workshops will take place on campus, until further notice. Students who test positive for Corona, who are quarantined, or who have other health problems, may follow class online. Attendance of Class is obligatory. Absence requires permission by the course-coordinator Metje Postma.

Between the morning and the afternoon session, in our LUNCHKINO we will offer the possibility to view one of the films that were discussed in the morning seminar, or at least a substantial part of it. This part of the program is optional, but we’d like to offer you a maximum exposure to ethnographic cinema. So, if you like you can join us with your lunch at the Filmzaal: 0A28.

Access to the course materials

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday the 5th!

Kind regards,
Metje Postma, Benjamin Fogarty-Valenzuela and Sander Hölsgens

Equipment and Costs

You will be using a HD video-camera from the university (Panasonic HC-V700 or HC-V770), unless you have your own equipment. In that case, please bring your camera with you to Class for Workgroup 3.

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Attendance & Time-investment

Please keep in mind that for this course we will expect you to use the full weekly 20 hours course-load.

If you wish you may make use of the Clockwise app to keep time of your hours invested in the separate assignments you will need to perform for this course.

Active attendance at class is required. Only under exceptional circumstances and with good reason communicated to us via an email to your supervisor, absence can be granted. If absent more often either an extra assignment will be requested or if the overall engagement is too minimal, we will be forced to let you fail the course.